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Annabel Livermore lives and works in El Paso, Texas. Praised by the New York Times as "fresh," "a tough act to follow," and the "ultimate in transgression," Livermore is widely recognized in her home state of Texas as a unique presence and highly original artist. She has been characterized by Karen Moss, former curator at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, as "an anachronism who earnestly pursues a long-held tradition of landscape and genre painting . . . inspired by her Southwestern environment and vivid imagination." Art historian John T. Spike, director of the Florence Biennali, has observed that "Livermore embodies the whole spectrum of American symbolist painting," while noted British art critic Edward Lucie-Smith has written that her "vigorous, quasi-abstract work evokes feelings about the wonder of nature."

Rendered with thick applications of radiant colors, Livermore's paintings are intensely personal, dream-like explorations of the natural world. Over the past 25 years her subjects have ranged from the ordinary to the sublime, including luminous floral arrangements, the hustler bars and frenetic streets of Juarez and, mostly recently, the storied Jornada del Muerto Valley in New Mexico. Livermore spends months and sometimes years working on individual paintings and often composes free-verse poems to accompany them. She favors displaying her finished works behind glass in lavish, handcrafted frames. Her paintings have been exhibited and collected throughout the United States.

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Solo exhibition: Cosmic Gardens
Group exhibition: Group Show
Two-person exhibition: Reckoning
Solo exhibition: Unseen Works

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