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Charles Mary Kubricht, an artist living in New York City and Marfa, has been exhibiting her work in the U.S. and abroad for three decades. Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, the Austin Museum of Art, and the Art Museum of South Texas, and in numerous museum group exhibitions. She was awarded a GSA Art in Architecture Award and in 2013 she received a Creating a Living Legacy grant from the Joan Mitchell Foundation and DiverseWorks. She has designed stage sets for operas such as Der Protagonist (2014) and The Enchanted Tree (2013), performed by the Fire Island Opera Festival. Alivenesses: Proposal for Adaptation (2011-13) was installed on the High Line, NYC. In 2010 she created a permanent public art installation for Rice University, Paramuseum: Environmental Exigencies, and was awarded a residency at Yaddo. Her work is included in the book, Dazzle: Disguise and Disruption in War and Art by James Taylor, 2016, and featured in BOMB Magazine and Elle D├ęcor: Italy. She was interviewed by Marfa Public Radio, an affiliate to NPR and in 2016 by P61VMAG, Issue 16.

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From paper-thin material that bends light around targets such as soldiers, tanks, aircraft and ships rendering them invisible to scientific theories of invisible dark matter and dark energy, my work explores radical visuality. I paint, photograph, draw, sculpt, collage, create installations and design stage sets. To build a visual vocabulary of earth and sky I talk to astronomers, astrophysicists, galactic archeologists, planetary archeologists, architects, environmentalists, wilderness trackers, ranchers, camouflage experts and biologists. Collectively their interpretations of our contemporary place on earth construct an utopian idealism that enlivens experiences of awe, wonder and curiosity. They have little time for cynicism. My goal is to create art out of my belief in this idealism.

I assert that art is a tool that transforms energy. Art has the power to unhinge perceived reality and free up memory space for new ways of thinking. Encountering the strange and sometimes astonishing challenges our understanding of the world. The position we thought we were in no longer exists. My intention is to use art as a tool to entangle the viewer into a visual force field, a radical visuality, to reach beyond cynicism and contemplate ways to fundamentally regenerate our planet. Both technology and art can harness the power of disruptive action and challenge the anxieties and standard solutions to healing the planet. My work grows out of radical optimism and sets the stage to view earth and sky from unexpected directions.