Bryan Florentin

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Much has been written about the relationship between photographs and memory: for instance, how personal photographs function as a kind of externalized memory of an individual's experiences, and how widely circulated images affect collective memory. The relationship between memory and photographs is particularly striking when the two disagree. In part, the disagreement may be due to the subjective nature of the photograph in both its recording and viewing. That is coupled with the less than reliable way human brains record, store and access memories. Archive looks at that relationship and the concept of the archive, including archive as an analogy to human memory.

Writes UTA's Ben Lima in D Magazine about Florentin's January 2012 installation at KHFA, "Whether handled by CSI or CIA, the power of all such things relies on the potential of a single, mundane, otherwise overlooked object to serve as the clue that leads an investigating viewer to uncover the truth of what actually happened."

posShowings at KHFA

Solo exhibition: Accretion/Churn
Solo exhibition: Cryptic Title
Solo exhibition: Inscrutable Evidence
Group exhibition: Sex/Twist

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