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Adriana Carvalho, David Zalben and George Schroeder
October 23-November 27, 2010
Opening reception Saturday, October 23, 6:00-8:30 pm
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The Story So Far: Artist George of San Antonio exhibits his sculpture in Miami Beach. There, he pays a visit to the studio of local artist David. Done with the art part and now en route to a bar, David and George run into local artist Adriana on the street. Artist Adriana already knows David, has heard of George, and is thirsty, so Adriana joins artists George and David and they spend the night discussing art, life and metal fabrication techniques.

These are the simple beginnings of the show "Link," opening at Kirk Hopper Fine Art October 23rd. But there are more substantial links between artists Adriana Carvalho, David Zalben and George Schroeder. The three all work in metal, pairing the medium's indestructibility with more fleeting elements of love, lyricism and lightheartedness. To an artist working in metal, the material is both irresistible and resisting, a medium born of fire and violence. Artists Adriana, David and George will tell you: metal is forever. Life, not quite.

Brazilian born Adriana Carvalho received her BFA from the Faculdade de Artes Plasticas in Sao Paulo. Upon graduation, she moved to Chicago where she was first introduced to the welding process. Chicago's extensive resources for recycled materials, world renowned architecture and public art influenced Adriana's technique, merging the spirituality of her native country with the industrial personality of Chicago. Adriana presently lives and works in Miami Beach, where her work has become more adventurous through the incorporation of diverse, unexpected materials. She creates artwork out of passion and ideas from circumstances in daily life. The challenge for Adriana is transforming the harshness of metal products into art that represents her dreams, fears and social commentary. For the KHFA exhibition, Adriana's inventive use of industrial materials explores the continuous cycle of diverse life forms. The art is symbolic of birth and eventual transformation into different forms of existence.

David Zalben began his creative life working as a professional photographer in Chicago, where he established himself professionally by engineering new approaches and innovative techniques such as selective focus. After a long period of transformation he turned to painting and, ultimately, bending wire. In David Zalben's contemporary wirework he forms salient imagery that relate to innocence, sexuality and humor, and transforms poetry into wire sculptures which speak of love, pain and growth. For "Link," David will present various poems, entwined in chaotic nest-like collages of wire spheres. The disassembled lines of poetry, combined with erotic figures and other lifelike forms, are constructed from remnants of former artworks that grew out of years of introspection.

George Schroeder began his development as an artist early in life. As the grandson of professional artists he was exposed to various disciplines of art and, importantly, was introduced to the medium of steel while working summers in a machine shop during his teenage years. After receiving his BBA, Schroeder worked in the manufacturing industry, managing various production operations. However, at night he was able to co-opt the company's shop facility to create his metal sculptures. Schroeder learned many of his techniques from lifelong metalworkers, blacksmiths and welders who were intrigued and willing to share their knowledge. Schroeder's work is known for its physicality, rawness and remarkable elegance. The artist's primary interests are the creation of abstract sculptures that evoke tension within form, and sculptures that aim to change space into a definitive visual experience.

Adriana Carvalho
"Cycle of Infinity"

George Schroeder
"Link #2"

David Zalben
"In the Inside" (detail)